Ambitions for telecommunications and ICT sector

Câble réseau TIC

The country places telecommunications and NICT at the centre of its economic and social development. By making the "Gabon of Services" one of the three pillars of the country's economy, the government undertook to implement a sector strategy, one of the components of which concerns the revitalising of NICT training. 

Since May 2002, Libreville has been connected to the SAT undersea cable linking Africa and Europe. In addition to the privatisation of Gabon Telecoms and the rapid development of the mobile telephony segment, the liberalisation of the sector aims to position Gabon as a Central African leader by:

  • Developing broadband Internet services;
  • Improving the quality and ease of access to telecommunications and the interconnection of national networks;
  • Developing services related to Information and Communication Technologies at national and transnational levels;
  • Building a training centre for these new technologies.