Investment opportunities

Investment opportunities in education, research and health

Le Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Libreville (CHUL)

Higher education and research.

 A number of projects have emerged concerning the satisfactory linkage of the education system to new technologies and the promotion of the training-job match:

  • Assign an annual 1.5 billion CFA Francs to the acquisition of XO laptops for the best pupils, finest students, and top researchers;
  • Project to create a "Green city of Education and Knowledge", described as a set of educational and academic establishments with an international reputation within the framework of public/private partnerships. Tax and customs facilities on infrastructure and the latest equipment could be accorded to promoters;
  • Set up a research and development fund for research institutes, laboratories and public and private design offices;
  • Set up a fund for tuition fees, boost the number of teachers of science subjects and build reception facilities.


In order to improve access to health services for all, special attention is given to the following aspects:

  • The case of the AIDS pandemic, which still affects 7% of the population;
  • The introduction of vaccination cover and health insurance (Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Maladie et de Garantie Sociale);
  • Better supply system for drugs;
  • Free midwife fees;
  • The creation of assistance for associations;
  • The building of modern medical infrastructure.