Ambitions for natural ressources sector

Mine de manganese de Moanda

Become the largest producer of manganese in the world
Gabon could attain first place in world manganese production with manganese exploitation of Okondja, Franceville in Upper Ogooué, Ndjolé in Middle Ogooué and Mbigou in Ngounié. New plant will be built to process the ore and thereby climb up a rung in the value creation ladder. No less than 200 million Euros will be devoted to building the Moanda metallurgy complex until 2013. It will comprise a silicomanganese plant with a capacity of 65,000 tonnes and, a manganese metal plant with a capacity of 20,000 tonnes. In the long term, there will be 400 direct job creations and large numbers of induced jobs. 

Transforming iron ore in situ
It is Gabon's ambition to handle the first two phases in the transformation of iron ore, by encouraging small and medium-sized light metallurgy firms to set up in Gabon, to produce steel and flat products in the first phase, then more sophisticated products for export. The implementation of the Belinga iron mine operating project is a local transformation project with the ambition to create real added value and whole employment areas. When it is working, the Belinga iron mine should generate 3,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs, with priority given to Gabonese citizens. This exploitation will be favourable for the building of the Poubara hydroelectric Dam. The other flagship project in mining production is the building of the new railway line between Belinga and Libreville. A commercial deep water port is also scheduled to be built at Santa Clara.