Ambitions for the housing sector


The inhabitants of Nkoltang, some 27 kilometres from Libreville, will certainly be the first to experience the concrete realisation of the policy of urbanisation driven by Gabon’s Head of State, Ali Bongo Ondimba.At the moment, work is being carried out on the exposure of the site of Essassa, which will house Libreville 2. The work is conducted by KCI Gabon.
The first phase of the housing construction project will be carried out on a surface area of 500 hectares.On this site will be built 5,000 public housing units, a Town Hall, a supermarket, a school, administrative buildings and small shops, etc.

The highest authorities are emphasising the importance of population diversity and the urban development of this large-scale project is designed to be in harmony with the environment.Green spaces, public parks and local plant species will ensure that the landscape is friendly and original within the town itself.The current work on the exposure of the site should leave enormous sections of forest intact, to be remodelled into parks.

A lively, dynamic town accessible to all, that creates a harmonious balance of modernity and originality, such is the State’s goal in this project conducted by KCI Gabon, which will have a very high impact on an economic and social level in the emerging Gabon programme.The delivery of the project is scheduled for 4 years.

The figures explicitly show the scale of the project:

  • 13.5 million square metres prospected;
  • 5 million m² developed with 490 hectares cleared of forest; 
  • 11,250 GPS points identified in topography; 
  • 100 hectares of forest and green spaces to be replanted and reorganised;
  • 18 million m3 levelled; 
  • 580,000 m² built on; 
  • 760,000 m3 – the volume of merchandise transited; 
  • 9,500 HQ45 containers transited; 
  • 1.4 million m3 in raw materials brought in; 
  • 400 direct jobs;
  • 2,000 indirect jobs;
  • 20,000 people housed; 
  • 300 million Euros invested;
  • 40 international partners of the KCI group to be involved


This is the model on which the Head of State intends to build his entire policy of urban rehabilitation and construction.If the project is successfully completed as announced, Libreville will definitely become one of the most attractive cities in Africa.