Investment opportunities

Investment opportunities in the energy sector

Grand Poubara dam

To support the national ambition towards industrialisation, the government of Gabon has set itself the goal of increasing its power production capacity to more than 1200 MW in 2016 compared to 390 MW today.This objective will be reached thanks to considerable investments in the production of gas, hydroelectric power and by the promotion of renewable energy sources.The aim is to gradually stop the production of electricity from fossil fuels and meet the objectives set in the Green Gabon policy.

The three new dams and two power stations being built should make it possible to reach a production capacity of 1000 MW by the end of 2016.

The dams will provide electricity for the rural populations, produce clean electricity at a low cost, promote the development of industry, supply the SEZ, generate jobs for the local population and improve their quality of life thanks to the presence of electricity.