Health requirement

What you do know before leaving for Gabon


Before departure:

Consult your doctor and take out an insurance policy covering medical costs and repatriation on health grounds.

The main health risks

Prevention of illnesses transmitted by insect bites:


This parasitic disease, which is transmitted by mosquito bites, requires the use of individual protective measures (sprays, creams, plug-in repellents, mosquito nets, etc.). To these measures one may add a bespoke cocktail of drugs that is suited to each individual.


Vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory (should be done in an approved centre). The updating of the diphtheria-tetanus-polio vaccine is recommended.


  • Polyclinique El Rapha in Libreville (hospital): (241) 44.70.00
  • Clinique Chambrier in Libreville (hospital): (241) 72.93.02
  • Centre Hospitalier de Libreville (hospital): (241) 74 40 80/76 30 17
  • In case of a fire or road accident: dial 18; for emergency ambulance service (SAMU) dial 1300 (freephone) from a fixed telephone line or (241) 77 27 45 / (241) 77 27 46.