Issuance of a residence permit

The way forward for new residents


A residency permit is a permit to reside in Gabon that is delivered to foreign nationals aged 16 or above who have been granted open-ended leave to remain in the country. Residency permits are obtained from the Department of Documentation and Immigration (French acronym: D.G.D.I).


The Department of Documentation and Immigration delivers two kinds of residency permits:
  • free residencypermits (GC)
  • fee-paying residency permits (PC)
Free residency permits are delivered to contractual expatriates working for the Gabonese State, technical support personnel and members of their families, certain priests and students on foreign State grants.
The delivery of a fee-paying residency permit requires the payment of fees and a guarantee:
A repatriation guarantee, depending on the nationality. 
These residency permits are delivered after assessment and approval of the application filed by the applicant.
How to file an application
Basic documents required
  • Fill in the requisite form;
  • Enclose a recent colour passport photograph;
  • A copy of the repatriation guarantee + presentation of the original (for fee-paying residency permits);
  • A copy of the first three pages of the applicant’s currently valid passport, together with that bearing the last entry visa into the country + presentation of the original, or a copy of the still valid consular card + presentation of the original;
  • A copy of the previous residency permit + return of the original (for renewals). 
NB: For the purpose of issuing a residency permit, if the applicant entered the country on an entry permit, enclose the copy of the letter to the Airports and Border Police.
A residency permit lasts for 2 years, plus 1 month’s grace. The formalities for renewal of a residency permit must be accomplished at the latest during this last month of validity.
Any applicant who has not renewed his residency permit come the end of the month following the expiry of the residency permit is liable to be fined (penalty). The same applies in case of loss or theft of a card.
French citizen: 250,000 CFA francs 
Period of validity: 5 years 
Other nationalities: 150,000 CFA francs 
Period of validity: 2 years 
Cost of re-issuing a permit: 50,000 CFA francs for any nationality 
For more information about the delivery of a residency permit depending on the type of position of the beneficiary: